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One of the many different behaviors shown by Humpback Whales during our “Whale Watching Tours in Cabo San Lucas”, Mexico.

In this video we analyze some footage that was taken last week: 13th of March 2015, just out of the Marine Park here in Cabo San Lucas.

Frankie Grant the marine biologist and Philipp Moser the drone operator analyze this footage.

– In the firs part you can see how we are trying to safely approach a mother and a calf.
As we move forward all of a sudden we see another big female surfacing just right next to us!We assume it is a female as this is a typical behavior of an “escort”.

This is when we stop and deviate our trajectory to avoid interfering to much with the whales.

– The second part of the video shows how the Humpback mother is teaching its calf how to breathe. Also you can see how the mother always stays below the calf so it can help to surface if anything happens: the calf could be getting tired all of a sudden and mother is there to prevent it from drowning.

– The third part is also very interesting. We know that the humpback whales have a long journey ahead to return to Alaska: its a 10 to 15.000 miles journey and the calf needs to be ready! So the mother is making short trips back and forth so that the calf gains strength.

Interesting is that a baby whale can drink up to 100 gallons of mild every day during its first 6 month and can gain up to 200 pound a day during this time!

There is a lot more to be learned about the Humpback whale population in Cabo San Lucas and we are pretty sure that with this new drone technology we get an even better “insight” by analyzing their behavior from a different point of view.

Cabo Trek is technologically at the forefront and we try to bring positive innovations in the Los Cabos whale watching industry to make this tours safer for both the animals and the humans.

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