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Working hard, or hardly working?

Article by Angelika Ludviczak intern at Cabo Trek

When I decided to come to Cabo Trek for my internship I was full of expectations of how it would be and how much would I learn there. After this month that I have spent here, I can honestly say that the reality has significantly exceeded my expectations. I got to work with amazing people, who love what they do, and were happy to pass all of their knowledge on me. I learned a lot about marine mammals, Humpbacks and whales in general while doing whale watching tours. And the first time I saw the whale is something that cannot be compared with anything else. I did whale shark snorkeling too, and found out loads of interesting facts about them. Moreover, this experience was spectacular, being so close with so magnificent animals made me cry for the first time. I also had an opportunity to guide some snorkeling and diving trips in the local spots like Pelican Rock and Lands’ End. And I can definitely confirm what Jacques Cousteau once said about the Sea of Cortez, it is definitely the aquarium of the world. I have seen numerous species of marine creatures underwater, starting with tons of fish and colorful corals followed by sea turtles, mobula rays and much more. I have been swimming with Californian sea lions, which are unbelievably friendly and like playing with humans underwater. For the past month, I have seen more of marine wildlife than in my entire life so far, and it only made me realize that for sure I chose the right path of career. Being a marine biologist here in Cabo is a dream job, because it hardly feels like working. Seeing whales everyday is more like being on an endless holidays, cause it is not only a job but it is also super fun. In addition, I had luck to share this time here with amazing people that are in love with the ocean just as I am. They gave me the opportunity to try this kind of life, and I already know that I will have to come back here one day when I am done with my master degree. Therefore, I am not saying goodbye to Cabo San Lucas and the whales yet; it is just a see you later!


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