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How I lost my heart to the Ocean

Article by Angelika Marine Biologist Internship Experience at Cabo Trek

I was only seven when I first got to snorkel and it was a love from the first breathe. It was in Egypt and I almost drowned myself trying to talk underwater that somebody colored all the fish with colorful crayons. I saw a whale shark as well, passing right under our boat and I think that was the moment when the idea of spending the rest of my life by the ocean appeared. It affected somehow all of my later decisions and I ended up studying marine biology in the University of Gdańsk in Poland. In the meantime, I became a divemaster, working for three months in Portugal. When my university announced the opportunity of an abroad internship, I applied immediately and happily I got in. When doing the research for options around the world, Mexico got my attention as a great place for all kind of marine activities. Baja California Sur region has the biggest humpback whale population in the whole Pacific Ocean. It is also a great place to encounter the grey whales, see the sea lions, corals and plenty of different fish species. When I found out that Cabo San Lucas is said to be one of the best places for the whale watching I knew it is my place to be. I checked all the companies and Cabo Trek was the most amazing of them all. Firstly, because of all kind of activities they do: whale watching, whale shark snorkeling, diving. But what got my attention mostly was not what they do but how they do it. I am really into responsible tourism and raising people’s environmental awareness and that is what they are about in Cabo Trek.  What is more, they are conducting research as well, and cooperating with La Paz University. All of it together made it my dream internship destination and so I am the happiest person in the world they accepted me as a part of their team. As I am on the last semester of my master degree, it is a great opportunity for me to get some real life experience in the field. During my time in Cabo I would love to learn as much as possible about the wildlife, get to know the habits of whales and whale sharks and of course give the fullest from myself and contribute to the conducted research in the best possible way.


Cabo Trek focus is on educational tours in Baja California Sur region, please check out our other activities:

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