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Cruise Guests FAQ

You will find the most commonly asked questions and answers from our cruise ship guests.

Where do I meet my guide after I reach land?

We are conveniently a short 5-minute walk away from the main dock. Please check the map on this page.

What if the excursion returns late? Is there a risk to miss the ship?

While there may always be a chance, we have a lot of experience working with cruise ship guests. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us before making your reservation if you have any questions. Even though most cruise operators will offer you local time zones, please keep in mind your ship’s arrival and departure time zone to match it with our tours.

We also provide private tours tailored to your specific schedules and needs.

What is the difference between “Ship Time” and “Local Time”?

Some cruise ships travel through different time zones and although most ships do change their clocks on board accordingly, others remain on the time of the departure cruise port, also called homeports or Ports of Call. Our activities departure times are listed with the local port time, not in ship\’s time. Some local ports and ship times are the same. Please confirm with the cruise operator your arrival and departure time and time zone before booking our activities.

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