There's more life in Cabo than you think!

The rich variety of different animals makes Baja California a special region!

Cabo Wildlife Tour: Pre&Post Whale Watching Season

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WHY Cabo Trek?


  • 09:00 AM
  • 15th Apr. – 15th May
  • 1st Nov. – 14th Dec
  • 2,5 Hour Tour
  • Marine Biologist
  • Hydrophone & Underwater Camera
  • Fast and Comfortable Boat
  • 85 USD Adults
  • 55 USD Children
  • 550 USD Private
  • KIDS <6 FREE



Cabo Trek organizes pre & post whale watching season “wildlife tours“, just because there is so much more to see!

Cabo San Lucas has an incredible variety of different species of animals: Humpback, Gray, Orcas Pilot and Blue Whales, Sea Lions, Dolphins, Mobula Mantas, Whale Sharks,  Cormorants, Brown Boobies, Egrets.

The Baja California Sur region has an unique habitat that serves as a refuge area for many transient species where to: feed, breed and rest as well as it provides a wonderful wildlife encounter opportunity with an amazing landscape for the observers and  photographers. Snorkeling is also possible during this trip.

Learn more about this tour in the section below.

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Tour Description

Pre & Post Whale Watching Season Wildlife tours:

little egretAlthough whales are the main attraction throughout the winter months, many other wildlife species can be found in the waters surrounding Los Cabos, both on the Pacific ad Sea of Cortez sides.

We will be focusing on other species of marine life but of course, if we happen to spot a whale while we are out there, we will most definitely stop and see what he/she is up to. The tour would leave at the desired time (09:00 AM) and run for a duration of 2.5 hours. The first 30-45 minutes of the trip will cover history of Los Cabos, along with fish and bird identification along the Land’s End area. We will then stop for a photo opportunity in front of the Arch before moving on to some marine mammal education at the California sea lion colony. From there our tour will head out into either the Sea of Cortez or Pacific Ocean depending on conditions and activity, looking for some of the more impressive pelagic creatures that can be found in Los Cabos waters.

These include common dolphins, spinner dolphins, pilot whales, hammerhead sharks, Mobula manta rays, sea turtles, marlin, thresher sharks, and of course larger cetaceans such as humpback, gray, and blue whales. These tours will finish with a ride down the scenic Los Cabos shoreline, looking for shore birds and taking time for some photo opportunities along the way.

This is a great way to beat the whale watching crowds and enjoy the tranquility of the ocean. Every tour is led by a marine biologist with many years of local experience in finding marine activity and understanding animal behavior.

20150205-Whales8am-045 sea lion colony Mobula Manta


Cabo Trek offers this tour before and after the whale watching season.

Although wildlife is around us all year round we see this as the best season to go mainly because chance to encounter whale on this trip are very high.

In terms of BEST time of the day please take the following into consideration when booking a wild life tour with Cabo Trek:

  • We choose 09:00 AM as we consider this the best time of the day for the most action.

Nevertheless we are open to organize tour early in the morning as well as toward the sunset, don’t be shy: Contact Us!


Let's Go Find Some WhalesGroups range from a minimum of 2 people to a maximum of 10-12 guests.

When booking a tour with Cabo Trek you have the guarantee of purchasing an, in Cabo San Lucas, unmatched quality tour! Although our boat capacity is licensed up to 18 people, for comfort, safety, and to ensure the best overall whale watching experience in town we choose to keep the groups small.

If you want to reserve the boat just for you and you family or friends, you can book a private tour or contact us!


This is a short 2,5 hour whale watching tour, so there is not really much youWhale Blow Rainbow need taking in consideration that Cabo San Lucas has pretty nice temperatures in this time of the year.

A MUST on every trip:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Camera


Aboard a Cabo Trek whale watching tour you can see a variety of whales. Gray, Humpback, Blue, Sperm, Fin, Pilot, Bryde’s whales and Killer Whales all roam the oceans of the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean.

Besides the whales, there is an abundance of other amazing wildlife active at sea. California Sea Lions, Brown Pelicans, Frigates, Blue Footed Boobies, Mobula Rays, Dolphins and Sea Turtles are just some of the amazing encounters experienced regularly.

wildlife in cabo san lucas Mobula Manta Sea lions in cabo san lucas
Why Book With Cabo Trek

The reasons are endless!

  1. We offer the ONLY truly educational and comprehensive wildlife tours in all of Los Cabos. Each 2.5 trustworthyhour tour is full of teaching and engagement about whales and the many other species of animal present,  their behaviors, their habits and so much more. We guarantee that you will be beyond satisfied with our tour experience, our university-trained marine biologist guide, our wildlife photographer, our captains and our boats!
  2. We offer the most personal and intimate wildlife tours in all of Los Cabos and all of Baja California Sur. Each tour is a maximum of 10-12 people per tour, so there’s no fussing for shade, leg room or a better view.
  3. We are proud to be the ONLY organization in all of Los Cabos with a university trained and certified marine biologist and ichthyologist as our tour guide.

We are proud that since day one we could prove that Cabo Trek staff is capable of  adding value to Cabo San Lucas by delivering and excellent whale watching service as certified for 6 years in a row by Trip Advisor:

Scuba Diving in Cabo


Price List:Teaching young biologists

85 USD per Adult 55 USD per Child (6 to 12 years old) Kids between till 6 go FREE PRIVATE TOURS and CUSTOMIZED TOUR TIMES  UPON REQUEST.  CONTACT US 

NOTE: Tour not recommended for women that may be pregnant.   In our price everything but tips is included! With Cabo Trek you will not have to put hands in your pocket for hidden costs nor will there be last minute


trustworthyCabo Trek keeps its word and keeps up with its reputation as a trustworthy, reliable and serious company in Cabo San Lucas. Guide, 2,5 hours Boat Ride, Water, Hydrophone, On-board Photographer, Experienced Captain, all of this is part of this package. Call us for more details on our TOLL FREE number: 1 844 373 3931

Meeting Point

The day of your tour you will meet in our office and storefront 15 minutes prior to the time of your tour. While in the shop we’ll process your payment or revise your reservation, allow you time to shop around our storefront for any souvenirs and read up on some of the educational activities you’ll be partaking in that day. We offer free wi-fi, cookies, water before everyone is ready to head to the dock. Then we’ll take a quick 1 minute walk from the shop to the dock. There you’ll board our boat, put on your life vests, be given a complimentary bottle of water, and finally, set out on your whale trek adventure! 

When to Go


  • April 90% 90%
  • May 80% 80%
  • November 80% 80%
  • December 100% 100%

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