We are proud partners of the Cetacean World Alliance since 2013, wow we are one of the first whale watching operators in the WORLD, to achieve the global award WCA Responsible Whale Watching Certification and the first company in Mexico. We are very honored and proud to receive this certification. It means a lot for Cabo Trek this is a recognition of our good practices and efforts for marine conservation.

The World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) is the world’s largest Partnership working in more than 30 countries to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises. We are a global community committed to protect cetaceans where they belong, in the world’s oceans, seas and rivers. Respecting the good practices and spreading the word about the issues that affect cetaceans. We advocate, reach the public and distribute information globallydeveloping and implementing new concepts of responsible tourism for whale and dolphin watching, with the potential to inspire and educate millions of people.

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Together we can be the voice to these animals, with sustainable observation tourism, and contemplate the experience of observing them in nature respecting these incredible beings and sharing our passion through environmental education on our tours.


Cabo Trek focus is on educational tours in Baja California Sur region, please check out our other activities: