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Well you probably heard of Hurricane Odile by now.

I must say it was a very intensive 2 weeks since Odile has left!
The city survived well enough and as the mexicans say “ya estamos de pie” meaning that we already are up on our feets again and ready to carry on with our lifes.

It is a true miracle, considering the intensity of the event, that after such a short time most of the city has already electricity and water! Even internet is not a problem in most parts. The schools will be open again on the 6th of October and a few days later the airport of San Josè del Cabo will welcome its first guests.
As far as I could research, some Hotels down town have already reopened their doors and most of them will shortly, so as you see things are improving day after day and Cabo will be soon again the beautiful holiday destination known to so some many of you that keep coming year after year.

And a big thanks goes to the CFE (Comision Federal Electricidad) to the Army, to the authorities and to the los Cabos population for being such a great comunity!

So the actual reason why I’m writing this is to make sure I do my part in spreading out the word that Cabo is good to go, but we need your HELP!
Hurricane Odile hit us hard but an even bigger punch to our community could come from a low affluence of tourists visiting us.
So PLEASE if you ever thought about donating or are looking for a way to help restore this place… well it’s easy:
Book a trip to Cabo or if you already did don’t cancel it ;-)!

Thanks a lot for your collaboration and we hope to see you soon and if you were interested in doing some incredible Whale Watching (starting from the 15th of December) don’t hesitate in contacting us! Remember we have a promotion on our website: 25% OFF when booking before the season starts! Hurry up!

Whale Watching in Cabo Gracias

Philipp Moser

whale watching cabo

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