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Baja Whale Expedition

An 8 days trip with the biggest mammals of Baja!

Explore in-depth the wonders of the Baja California Sur peninsula. In your Baja Whale Expedition, we will meet gray whales, blue whales, humpback whales, whale sharks, sea lions, and countless species.

Tour Dates

11th of March, 2023

Tour Includes:

The most comprehensive Whale Expedition in Baja
Tour led by Marine Biologist
6 Boat Excursions Included
Reliable organization
Experts in the field
TripAdvisor Winner since 2013!


2.990 USD per person, everything included
*Minimum of 4 people need to run this tour

Safe and Fun

For comfort, safety, and the best whale watching experience, we travel in small groups.

Hiding in the dunes of Magdalena Bay, jumping around some volcanic rocks in Loreto, or flying in Espiritu Santo, awe in the unique wildlife you will find in Baja California Sur. In your Baja Whale Expedition, you will find a great mix of adventure, Mexican culture, and exquisite cuisine. The tours led by our marine biologist are educational and entertaining.

Your tour starts with a humpback whale-watching experience in Cabo San Lucas. We’ll continue with the Gray Whale Watching in Magdalena Bay, followed by blue whales watching in Loreto. We end our expedition with whale shark snorkeling in La Paz and sea lions in Espiritu Santo Island.

All our passionate guides are marine biologists or naturalists. During our Baja Whale Expedition, they will share lots of information about the animals we encounter and the places we visit.

The perfect time for this expedition is between February and March. This season has the highest opportunity to encounter all our targeted species. Sometimes blue whales can be tricky to find, yet the other species are almost guaranteed sight.

There are few places on this planet where you can witness all these magnificent animals in a short period of eight days. An experience of a lifetime! Cabo Trek will take care of the whole organization so that you can relax and enjoy the beauty around you.

Your Baja Whale Expedition starts in Cabo San Lucas. On the first day, we get to know each other and get ready for the big adventure. We always have optional activities, and backup plans to make sure the expedition stays interesting during the whole duration. For example, upon your arrival, we have prepared a visit to the local museum and a sunset tour to see Cabo San Lucas’s arch and bay.

The following two days, we’ll explore Magdalena Bay on the Pacific side. Home to the Gray Whales, it is possible not only to see them but also pet them! Gray Whales are here for mating and giving birth to their calves. A walk on the dunes and fantastic fresh seafood is waiting for us in this small fisherman’s town.

From Puerto Lopez Mateos (Magdalena Bay), we will be heading north. We’ll switch coast as we arrive at Loreto, on the Sea of Cortez side. The 2.5 hours drive will take us to mission San Javier. One of the first Spanish Jesuit missions in Baja. It still keeps its original aspect since 1744. On the next day, we will search for the massive Blue Whale. Usually not difficult to find when around due to its dimension.

On the 5th day of this trip, our journey takes us to La Paz. During the two days in the state’s capital, things will get even more exciting. You will swim with the biggest fish in the ocean, the Whale Shark! The following day we’ll visit Espiritu Santo, UNESCO’s protected island. Known as the Galapagos of the Sea of Cortez, it’s home to a huge sea lion colony of over 200 individuals.

Finally, we’ll return to Cabo San Lucas. On the last day of your Baja Whale Expedition, we’ll face the majestic humpback whales, known for their acrobatic skills. Humpbacks are the main attraction in Los Cabos during the winter as they have spectacular behaviors to display.

During your Baja Whale Expedition, we might encounter countless species such as migrating birds, coyotes, dolphins, sea turtles. We may find other whales such as sperm whales, pilot whales, bryde’s whales, fin whales, and orcas.

Your expedition includes 3 and 4 stars hotels. All accommodations have been tested and are safe, clean, comfortable, and have excellent service.

In March, the weather is usually very predictable, and the plan is very likely to be carried out the exact way we plan. Nevertheless, mother nature runs its course, and with some flexibility, we can handle every situation.

Tour Schedule & Itinerary

Baja Whale Expedition – Tour Schedule:

Day 1: Arrival

  • Arrival in San Jose del Cabo
  • Depending on arrival time, we have these optional activities available:
    • Visit local museum
    • Sunset whale watching cruise
    • Spend the night in Cabo San Lucas

Day 2: Gray Whales

  • Early transportation to Lopez Mateos
  • Afternoon activity: Gray Whale Watching
  • Spend the night in Lopez Mateos

Day 3: Gray Whales

  • Morning activity: Gray Whale Watching
  • Transfer to Loreto
  • Optional activity: visit of ancient Spanish mission San Javier 
  • Spend the night in Loreto

Day 4: Blue Whales

  • Morning activity: Blue Whale Expedition
  • Spend the night in Loreto

Day 5: Whale Sharks

  • Early transfer to La Paz
  • Afternoon activity: Snorkeling with Whale Sharks
  • Spend the night in La Paz

Day 6: Espiritu Santo Island (Sea Lions)

  • Morning activity: Espiritu Santo Island (Sea Lions) Excursion
  • Spend the night in La Paz

Day 7: Humpback Whales

  • Early transfer to Cabo San Lucas
  • Activity: Humpback Whale Watching Tour
  • Spend the night in Cabo San Lucas

Day 8: Departure

  • Activity: Humpback Whale Watching Tour
  • Departure from Cabo San Jose Airport

Best Time To Go:

The best months for the Baja Whale Expedition is in February and March. Mainly because of the short migration period of the Blue Whales. All the other animals stick around Baja California Sur for over four months, giving us the highest chances to encounter all the species listed in this tour.

How Big Are The Groups:

With Cabo Trek, you have the guarantee to avoid crowds. We rather use an extra boat instead of squeezing people in like sardines! To make the trip, we need a minimum of 4 persons and a maximum of 8. We will comfortably travel on a mini-van, and we fit perfectly on the local pangas. The idea is to share quality time, make new friends, get to know the locals, and have the chance to enjoy a part of Mexico where very few goes.

If you want a private Baja Whale Expedition, you can book a private tour online. Contact us for a personalized experience.

What To Bring:

We suggest bringing the minimum necessary for the excursion:

  • Long sleeves jacket
  • Enough T-shirts
  • Long pants and short pants
  • Socks and underwear
  • Shoes and flip-flops
  • Towel
  • Reef-safe sunscreen or rashguard
  • Sunglasses and hat
  • Toiletry
  • Swimsuit

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget your camera and your spirit of adventure!

What Can I see:

The target of this Baja Whale Expedition is to see as many species as possible. We aim to find humpback whales, gray whales, blue whales, and whale sharks.

We will witness other transient wildlife that is present in the area. Baja California Sur is a feeding and breeding refuge for sea turtles, hundreds of migratory birds, coyotes, sea lions, dolphins, and many species. The Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Cortez, and the dunes of Magdalena Bay create a fantastic landscape for the observer and the photographer.

Why Book With Cabo Trek

The reasons are endless!

  • We offer the ONLY truly educational and most comprehensive Baja Whale Expedition. Each tour is full of teaching and engagement about whales, their behaviors, habits, and so much more. We guarantee that you will be beyond satisfied with our tour experience!
  • We offer the most personal and intimate Baja Whale Expeditions. Each tour has a maximum of 8 guests, so there’s no fussing for space, shade, legroom, or a better view.
  • We are proud to be the ONLY organization in all Los Cabos with a university-trained and certified marine biologist and ichthyologist as your tour guide.
  • Cabo Trek delivers excellent Baja Whale Expedition. Certified by Trip Advisor since 2013, we make thousands of people happy!
  • Cabo Trek is the FIRST & ONLY company in Mexico certified as a “Responsible Whale Watching Operator” by the WCA (World Cetacean Alliance).
  • Our private Baja Whale Expeditions are personalized to your needs.

What Is Included:

Your Baja Whale Expedition includes:

  • Transportation
  • 7-nights accommodations and 
  • All tours

All tours can be customized to your needs. Contact us for special requests.


  • Meals 
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Tips to restaurants, boat services, hotels, transportation, and Cabo Trek guides.

Note: some hotels will include continental breakfast.

Terms & Conditions:

  • A 50% deposit is needed to reserve the tour. The balance must be paid at least 30 days before the tour departure.
  • Prices are per person.
  • Price is based on double occupancy per room.
  • A single room upgrade is available for a 700 USD extra charge.
  • The price is based on a minimum of 4 participants.
  • The tour schedule is subject to weather conditions, and activities may have to be rearranged, rescheduled, replaced, or eventually canceled. There will be no refunds for canceled tours. We may arrange an alternative program.
  • All meals include non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Tour not recommended for women that may be pregnant.

 Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation incurs a 20% loss of the total tour price. The initial deposit is non-refundable if cancellation is made 30 days before the tour date.


  • Cabo Trek, its land and water vehicles, and third-party service provider companies are all insured as required by Mexican law. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest purchasing additional travel insurance to cover your needs. 
  • The activities we are partaking in are rated EASY, such as whale watching, to INTERMEDIATE, such as the snorkeling activities. The risk factor is considered low, but accidents are possible. Better be SAFE than SORRY.

Trust Seal

We are winners of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence since 2013. We provide quality and passionate service for small groups that like eco-tourism and are true nature lovers.

Our prices include everything but tips! With Cabo Trek, you will not have to put your hands in your pocket for hidden costs. There will not be last-minute surprises! Cabo Trek keeps its reputation as a trustworthy and reliable whale watching operator.

Need help?


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