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Whales on the Way

Give Me a HugAs the seasons change from summer to fall, so do the migrant animals which live throughout the Baja peninsula. Through the fall and into winter, the whale shark takes center stage in Baja; but the world’s largest fish will soon wane in popularity as the region’s most impressive fauna returns to Cabo San Lucas. Every December, the humpback whales of the northern pacific population begin to reach their winter breeding grounds off the coasts of Hawaii, Japan, and Cabo San Lucas. Cabo Trek dedicates itself during this time almost entirely to the humpback and grey whales which call Los Cabos home from December to April.

Achievements and Expectations

Throughout last season Cabo Trek strived to continuously improve its educational whale watching tour and the hard work is reflected in the wonderful comments our guests have left us on Tripadvisor. We really appreciate the kind words, it makes us work even harder and to guarantee our guests receive Peduncle Throwan exceptional wildlife tour, we make sure to stay on our toes looking out for every animal under the sun. Our photographers/guides photographed and documented six marine mammal species along with over 20 bird species during the four month season. This year we hope to increase those numbers yet again. We had the honor of having both photographs and articles written in-house published in several local and international publications. Cabo Trek has increased its community involvement this year with participation in the Cultural Circuit, as well as working to increase local awareness about marine debris and species protection. In the upcoming year we hope to have implemented children’s educational lessons accompanied by firsthand experience on a whale watching tour for Cabo San Lucas residents.

Humpbacks Steal the Show

Into the WindHave you ever tried doing a cannon ball into a pool? Now just imagine for a minute being able to splash every drop of water out of that pool when you land. This best describes the magnitude of a humpback whale breach! HUGE! It is not uncommon that the humpbacks will do this breaching behavior consecutively for hours. (These are our favorite tours.) Witnessing a 30+ ton humpback whale fully lift its entire body out of the water before crashing abruptly back to the sea, truly is one of the greatest natural events one can experience. Our experts know exactly what to look for while searching for these gentle giants in the waters off Cabo San Lucas. Cabo Trek is proud to stand by its whale guarantee and operate as the only true educational whale watching tour in Cabo San Lucas. Informative but easy to understand, Cabo Trek focuses on tours the entire family can enjoy and learn from, creating lasting memories of such a spectacular event. We hope to see you soon and give you another reason to love the ocean.

And here again, the video BEST OF Whale Watching Tours in Cabo San Lucas Season 2014-2015:


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