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Kátia Silva is a very dedicated marine biologist and is currently working on her Master degree in ” Integrated Studies of the Oceans ” at the University of the Azores. She has been working in the field of marine conservation in non-governmental organizations conservationists, with research , management, rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals. At Cabo Trek she intends to develop a research project to evaluate the area as “Important Marine Mammal Area”. She is interested in conservation actions to protect the species in balance with human activities, such as sustainable tourism. I almost forgot to mention that she will be our official photographer.
Angelika is a marine biology student from Poland, doing her master on population dynamics of the Baltic clams. She is deeply in love with the ocean and all the wildlife living in it. She is a PADI divemaster as well. In Cabo Trek she is doing an internship, which is combining two of her biggest interests – ocean and travelling. Being very dedicated to the matter of awareness and ocean conservation, she enjoys passing her knowledge and passion to others.

Marcela Villa Gallardo is a Marine biologist graduated from the University of Guadalajara Center of the South Coast (CUCSUR). She participated in reproductive monitoring and colony size of seabirds in the Revillagigedo Archipelago, Clarion Island. She has worked as a guide with different marine species, helping to make tourism aware that we must protect them. Passionate about caring for animals, nature and an ocean lover.

Niklas Mangeris currently studying “Sustainable Tourism Management” in his masters in Berlin, Germany and joined our Team as part of his project semester. His project is dedicated to protecting and saving the ocean and help CaboTrek to reduce its plastic footprint, by working out a concept for a plastic free Tour Operator. His love and fascination for the sea made him an early diver, where he continued his profession until an Open Water Scuba Instructor last year. He has been traveling and working around many places and his current mission takes place in Cabo San Lucas. He helps around the shop and on the tours as a Guide and photographer.
Ezequiel Romero, aka as Captain Cheke is our Cabo Trek captain. Born in Baja California Sur Puerto San Carlos, with more than 20 years of experience traversing the waters of both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, he knows Cabo and its waters better than anyone. While you’re busy enjoying the whale encounters and excitement he is busy manning the boat and anticipating the next best location for whale spotting.

Fredi Gallardo is one of our captains. Born in Acapulco with 15 years of experience with wildlife tours. In addition to being responsible for the safety of customers on board he also supports the monitoring of marine animals in case if the animal needs help. Fredi was trained by Mexican Whale Entanglement Response Network it means he is one of the few people in Los Cabos that can save an entangled whale. Always very attentive to any sign of marine life to provide a tour with varied sightings and good surprises.

Oscar Hernandez is our Public  Relations in Cabo Trek, with the expectation to collaborate to improve this activity center and set a new standard in terms of quality of our tours. He  was  born in Mexico City and  moved to Baja California Sur 25 years  ago, he  loves  the  sea and the  wild nature of Baja: last but not least he has a PADI open water certification and knows the diving and snorkeling area very well. More than 18 years of experience in the field of promotion and sales make him an expert as he worked in some of the best resorts in the area as activity director and operation manager. For Oscar the  satisfaction of the customer is the number one priority, he enjoys to interact with our clients and to assist you in everything you need to set up a nice tour with us.
Adriana Galindo de Moser is a good person to have in your corner. You might not see her around the shop very often, but without her this project would not have been possible. She plays a very important rule in the whole organization of Cabo Trek handling important essentials like public relations, communications, operations management and last but not least moral support. The baby (Valentina) in her hands is our biggest motivation to get up in the morning and give our best each and every day!
CaboTrek was founded by Philipp Moser, a true world trekker who has lived and worked in many exotic locations such as Thailand, Nigeria, and different parts of Central America. He’s a professional and energetic Austrian entrepreneur with lots of passion for the ocean and the environment. He first came to Cabo in 2011 for a planned “short period of time”, but amazed with the surrounding natural beauty, decided to make it his permanent home. For this reason he created CaboTrek. Supported by an incredible team of incredible people who share his same vision, passion, and enthusiasm for the oceans and great outdoors.
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