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Cabo Trek operates 2 fully equipped and comfortable 32ft Super Pangas.

Our whale watching boats are equipped with:

  • Capacity for 16 people,
  • Water-proof roofs to provide ample shade,
  • Cushioned seats,
  • Marine bathroom,
  • Hydrophone,
  • Cooler with: snacks, drinking water and  on board.

Our boats and captains are of course professionally licensed and certified.

Although our boats can carry up to 16 people we decided that for comfort reasons we book trips for no more than 10 to12 persons: On our tours we try to create as much intimity with the whales as possible and insure comfort and quality excursions.

The vessel is powered by new strong yet silent enough 4 strokes engines.

Aboard every boat is a Cabo Trek hydrophone system to listen to whales communicating or “singing” below the surface. This coupled with our underwater video and audio system will allow customers to view live feeds of the whales in action underwater!

Cabo Trek’s boats allow us to use safe whale watching practices as recommended by numerous science and conservation groups. These well-equipped boats allow Cabo Trek and our customers to approach the whales at a safe, yet close distance without interfering with their natural wildlife behaviors.

Pros of Whale Watching on Small Boats:

  1. Can get closer to the whales
  2. Can get faster to the whales
  3. It is safer for the whales
  4. It’s a more intimate experience

The Cabo Trek whale watching boat is the ideal vessel for the task. Large boats take more time to maneuver and greater distances to maneuver, which means that they can’t get as close to the whales nor can they quickly turn their boat around to navigate to other spotting locations.

Another con with whale watching on larger boats is that larger boats equal larger groups. The experience and intimacy of whale watching is quickly diminished when you factor in hundreds of people and larger, slower boats that can’t keep up with the impressive speed of the whales.

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