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Humpback Whales in Cabo San Lucas


humpback whale

Gray Whales in Magdalena Bay


gray whales in magdalena bay

Wildlife Tour in Cabo San Lucas


California Sea Lion

Whale Watching in Cabo:

  • Adults: 85 USD
  • Children: 55 USD
  • Kids (<6 years): FREE
  • NEW: Private (1 to 8): 550 USD !!

Gray Whales in Mag Bay:

  • Adults: 550 USD
  • Children: 450 USD


  • Private (1 to 4): 3.500 USD

Cabo Wild Life Tour:

  • Adults: 65 USD
  • Children: 35 USD
  • Kids (<6 years): FREE
  • Private (1 to 10): 550 USD

3 Tour Pass Whale Watching


whale watching 3 times at best price

3 Tour Pass:

  • Adults/Children: 150 USD
  • Kids (<6 years): FREE

Whale watching in Cabo Guaranteed

  Cabo Trek GUARANTEES whale sighting for whale watching tours in Cabo San Lucas!

If you don’t see whales on your scheduled trip you can join another tour for FREE!

Conditions apply: Offer subject to availability

luxury travel guide award winner 2016

trip advisor certificate of excellence 2014

trip advisor certificate of excellence 2015

trip advisor certificate of excellence 2016 winner

whale dolphin conservation

WCA partner

Planet Whale and Cabo Trek

Terms & Conditions

1.Cabo Trek reserves the right to substitute any vessel without prior notice.

2.Cabo Trek reserves the right to cancel any tour without prior notice.

3.Passengers must be ready at the stipulated point of departure within 10 minutes of the departure time or risk losing their reservation.

4.If, in the opinion of the captain, the tour cannot be continued for any reason, then the captain may terminate the tour at that time.

5.Cabo Trek is not a common carrier and reserves the right to refuse to carry any passenger, baggage or goods without assigning any reason. Therefore passengers shall comply with the Navigation Act 1912 (as amended 1079) and all regulations, orders or instructions given by the captain. Cabo Trek shall not be responsible for any damage or loss occasioned.

6.Passengers shall not carry any alcoholic liquor, matches (other than safety matches), explosives, volatile spirit or other goods of a dangerous, inflammable or offensive nature. In the event of a passenger being required not to embark or to disembark from the vessel under the provisions of this condition, Cabo Trek, nor the captain shall be under any liability to such passenger of any kind whatsoever.

7.This ticket is available for use on the day of issue only . Cabo Trek reserves the right to grant a credit for the issue of a ticket on another tour but no refund shall be given.

8.In the event that any specified tour is cancelled, then Cabo Trek may, at their option either refund the fare or issue the passenger a ticket for another tour.

9.The captain and Cabo Trek shall not be responsible for any injury to person or damage to property arising out of any tour.

10.Cabo Trek reserves the right to contact guests regarding changes in tour times due to occupancy. We try our best to keep our tours as eco-friendly as possible, therefore sometimes small groups are condensed into one tour to reduce emissions and gas consumption. No tour times will be changed without consent of guests.

Refund Policy

1.If Cabo Trek staff cancels the trip, a full refund will be provided.

2.Should you elect to cancel a 20% administration fee will be applied with more than 24 hours notice.

3.A cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to departure incurs a 100% cancellation fee and no refund shall be given. Be Prepared – No Refund for Sea Sickness! Don’t let seasickness spoil your day – visit your local Pharmacy or Natural Health Food Store.

4.As part of Cabo Trek’s Whale Watching Guarantee, if no whales have been spotted on the booked tour, Cabo Trek reserves the right to grant a credit for the issue of a ticket on another tour but no refund shall be given.

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